2019-2020 Elmhurst Catalog 
    Dec 10, 2019  
2019-2020 Elmhurst Catalog

Academic Enrichment Opportunities

Elmhurst College promotes student growth beyond the basic undergraduate curriculum through academically challenging courses, global experiences and community service.

Honors Program

The Elmhurst College Honors Program affords a unique, enhanced educational experience for distinguished undergraduates committed to the pursuit of academic excellence.  Fostering intellectual independence, scholarly achievement and the integration of liberal learning and professional activity, the interdisciplinary program nurtures a community of learners and contributes to the intellectual vibrancy of the entire College.

Honors Program members, invited to participate based upon their academic records, are concurrently enrolled in one of the College’s undergraduate programs for their bachelor’s degrees.  Study in the Honors Program is intended to complement the curricula of all academic programs, providing students the benefits of challenging coursework with the recognized teacher-scholars and other academically motivated students.

Most Honors Program courses fulfill the College’s Integrated Curriculum requirements.  Participation in the program becomes a part of the student’s permanent record.

In addition to the benefits of the formal academic components of the Honors Program (see Honors Program in the Majors and Academic Programs section of this catalog), students enjoy a wealth of intellectual, cultural and social opportunities to further enrich their college experience.  These include personal advising by full-time faculty and the Honors Program director; skilled guidance in applying for special funding opportunities for research, graduate study and nationally competitive scholarships; mentoring in preprofessional activities; and varied campus and off-campus activities such as private receptions with distinguished guest speakers, participation in cultural events and social gatherings with other Honor Program members.

Study Away

Elmhurst College believes that students should have at least one global experience as a part of their undergraduate education.

Time spent abroad significantly enriches students’ educational experiences. Students see how another part of the world goes about its business and how people relate with one another. Students learn what issues are important in the lives of citizens of another country, how they interact with their natural environment and how their society makes decisions. Through this experience, students gain an increased understanding of themselves and their country and a greater respect for other people.

Furthermore, employers place a high value on global experience in new employees. Time spent abroad shows a prospective employer that individuals have learned something about the rest of the world, that they have dared to leave their comfort zone to take on the challenge of thriving in another culture, that they have the flexibility to adapt to new circumstances and that they understand how to deal with people of diverse backgrounds. In many cases, students also learn valuable language skills and demonstrate increased flexibility of thought and readiness to work with people of diverse backgrounds-whether in the United States or abroad.

Interested students should begin planning for study abroad during their first year at Elmhurst. Many students participate in a January Term study-away experience as first-year students and then apply as sophomores or juniors to study abroad for a term or year. Students should consult with the Office of International Education and their academic departments for more information. Application information can be obtained from the Office of International Education or online at elmhurst.edu/studyaway. 

Elmhurst College students may take courses, engage in field studies and service-learning, or complete a global internship. The College is affiliated with several outstanding study abroad organizations. Elmhurst students register for these courses on campus and can apply financial aid toward the costs of these programs. The following programs are currently approved for Elmhurst College students:

  • Arcadia University: Programs in Greece, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.
  • Middlebury College-CMRS Oxford Humanities Program: Courses in Oxford, England.
  • Queen Mary: Direct-enrollment options in London.
  • IES: Programs in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Morocco and Spain.
  • SIT Study Abroad: Field-based research and internship programs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America.
  • Exchange programs: Kansai Gaidai University in Japan, Comillas Pontificia in Madrid, Worms University of Applied Sciences in Germany and Otto-Friedrich University in Germany.
  • The Education Abroad Network: Programs in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

 January Term, Spring Break and Summer Term

Elmhurst College faculty members offer courses abroad during these terms. Each year a variety of courses with different locations and subject areas are offered. The list of courses is announced in February of each year.

UMAIE (Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education), a six-school consortium including Elmhurst College, offers approximately 25 January courses. Courses are announced in February of each year.

Domestic Off-Campus Programs 

The Washington Semester provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in international affairs, public policy, civic engagement, media and advocacy. Rigorous internships in Washington, D.C., are an integral part of this program.

The Chicago Semester gives students the opportunity to live in the city, experience the richness of Chicago arts and culture, and do an internship in their field of study.

International Student Services

The Office of International Education addresses the needs of international students who come to Elmhurst College to study. Students entering the country on non-immigrant F1 or J1 visas are encouraged to maintain contact with the Office of International Education’s staff throughout their course of study in order to remain current in their knowledge of government immigration regulations and policy. This office also provides programming for international students to address social and cultural enrichment and employment issues. Prospective international students are encouraged to visit the College’s website at www.elmhurst.edu for information regarding the College’s admission process and educational opportunities, as well as information specifically designed for international applicants.

Service Learning 

The Service Learning Program affirms the College’s commitment to developing in students the capacity and desire to serve others. The program has established reciprocal partnerships with a variety of communities. Involvement in service learning experiences allows students to use guided, reflective activities to link classroom learning with experiences; to practice creative decision making, and to develop behaviors that demonstrate responsible citizenship and sensitivity to cultural interdependence.

The Service Learning Program offers a continuum of opportunities including service hours within a course; immersion experiences in January Term, spring break or summer; an international service-learning experience through the Elmhurst College Study Away Program; or long-term involvement in a community partnership throughout a student’s career at Elmhurst College.


Students participating in Service Learning have the opportunity to fulfill the required Experiential Learning tag for graduation requirements. For more information, visit the Service Learning website: