2019-2020 Elmhurst Catalog 
    Dec 10, 2019  
2019-2020 Elmhurst Catalog

Student Life

Student Affairs

At Elmhurst, you will have the opportunity to shape your college experience through the integration of curricular and co-curricular programs and experiences that will help you reach your full potential.

Student Affairs

The Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) serves as the Senior Student Affairs Officer (SSAO) and is responsible for working in collaboration with the faculty, academic affairs and the entire campus to lead student affairs staff in supporting a holistic student learning environment, enriching student campus life and activity, fostering student engagement for both residential and commuter students, building a strong intercultural campus community, advancing student leadership and civic engagement, and promoting student retention and success.

The VPSA oversees and manages a 55-person, full-time staff in the areas of residential life, athletics, intercultural student affairs, student health and counseling services, commuter services, Greek life, the student center, student activities, student success/first-year experience, judicial affairs and retention. The Vice President for Students Affairs is responsible for the administration of student life policies and procedures and serves as a student advocate to the faculty, administration and other College constituencies. Additionally, the VPSA advises students, parents, faculty, and others concerning campus life issues and the character and quality of students’ out-of-class activities.

The Office of Student Affairs strives, in partnership with Academic Affairs, to help students integrate learning experiences and develop competence in critical thinking, written and oral communication, interpersonal relations, and leadership. Achievement of these learning outcomes prepares our students for lifelong personal and professional growth. Our goal is to prepare Elmhurst College graduates for leadership in their communities and professions, and meaningful involvement in an increasingly diverse, technologically sophisticated and complex global society.

The College strives to establish a climate that encourages students to assume responsibility for their individual and collective actions with a minimum of rules and regulations, which are outlined in the Elmhurst College Student Handbook. It shall be the responsibility of each student to comply with appropriate standards of conduct and decorum befitting members of an educational community. Student conduct, individual and that of student groups, is expected to be in keeping with the College mission and the missions of the respective areas or offices (e.g. athletics, student activities, residence life, international programs, and off-campus programs, etc.). Because Elmhurst College is located within a community, any Elmhurst College student who has been involved in violating civil laws may also be subject to College judicial proceedings. Violations of local, state or federal laws or regulations on campus may also result in criminal charges.

The Student Handbook is available online and via email, to all students, they are responsible for familiarizing themselves with its contents. 

Residence Life

Elmhurst College is committed to educating the whole person and therefore, regards the residence life experience as an integral component of a student’s education. The Office of Residence Life supports the academic mission of the College through the creation of meaningful residential communities.

The residence halls and apartments are staffed by Head Residents and Resident Advisors who serve as peer advisers, referral resources, educational and social programmers, student advocates and administrative liaisons. Staff members work closely with students in developing and maintaining an appropriate balance of academic and social environments in the living community.

Frick Center

The Frick Center is the College’s student union. As the community center of the College, the Frick Center serves students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members. We enhance the academic experience by offering cultural, social and recreational programming. The Frick Center serves as home to student groups, organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Affairs and the Learning Center, and houses the campus radio station. Services provided to the community include commuter student lockers, a resident student, and faculty mailboxes, an Information Desk, ATM machine and more. The Frick Center also administers an emergency loan program that extends $50, 30-day loans to full-time students. Chartwells dining services, coffee shop and grille provide the campus with great food options conveniently located on all three levels of the building. The 73,000+-square-foot facility is more than a building; it is home to those who frequent the comfortable chairs around the fireplace and to all who enjoy its many offerings. The Frick Center is the place for students to learn, connect, grow and lead.

Dining Service

The College’s dining service is operated by Chartwells and provides students, faculty, staff, and visitors with meals and special catering. All residence hall students are required to have an Elmhurst College dining plan. Details concerning the dining plan are included in the Housing License Agreement. An à la carte service is also available to all members of the campus community. Food may be purchased with cash or by using a Jaypass or debit or credit card. Questions about the dining card system (Jaypass) should be addressed to the Office of Student Financial Services. Dining service is located on the mall level of the Frick Center, at the “EC Grille” located in the Bluejays’ Roost and at the Coffee Bar in Founders Lounge. Hours are as posted. Questions about the dining plans or dining service should be addressed to the Dining Service Office at (630) 617-3183.


The director of athletics is responsible for an extensive program that offers all eligible full-time students the opportunity to engage in athletic competition, featuring 20 intercollegiate sports for men and women. Men’s programs are baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track and field, and wrestling. Women’s programs are basketball, bowling, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. Elmhurst is a charter member of the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW), which is among the most successful conferences competing at the Division III level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

In recent years, Elmhurst has won CCIW championships in football, women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, women’s cross country, men’s soccer, men’s tennis, and wrestling. Additionally, the Bluejays have qualified for post-season play in football, men’s basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s soccer; and have sent individuals to the NCAA Division III Championships in men’s track and field (both indoors and outdoors), women’s track and field (both indoors and outdoors), men’s and women’s cross country and wrestling.

Participation in Bluejay athletics has more than doubled since the mid-1900s to more than 450 students, with excellent scholastic achievements. Most of Elmhurst’s teams boast grade-point averages of 3.0 or higher. Recent student-athletes have garnered Academic All-American honors in baseball, men’s cross country, women’s basketball, women’s cross country, football, softball, wrestling, men’s basketball, women’s soccer, men’s track and field, and women’s volleyball. 

The Intramural Sports program, coordinated by Campus Recreation, provides a variety of  team and individual sports for all campus. Team sports include basketball, flag football, volleyball and soccer while individual sports include activities like badminton. These activities are open to everyone and always take place on campus. 

The Professional coaching staff members leading the athletic programs are assisted by efforts of graduate assistant coaches in their respective programs.  These traditionally younger members of the coaching staff provide coaching assistance to respective programs in addition to their commitment as graduate students in their various academic programs.

The Athletic Department provides leadership and growth opportunities to student-athletes through the SAAC organization.  Otherwise known as the Student Athletic Advisory Council, this group of athletes, are representatives from each sports program who meet regularly and involve themselves in a variety of opportunities which lend to a student athlete’s development in leadership, community activism, and philanthropic initiatives.

 Diversity and Inclusion 

The office of Diversity and Inclusion seeks to increase intercultural awareness, appreciation, and respect for all students and members of the diverse Elmhurst College community through creative, active and intentional programs promoting the understanding of unique cultural and ethnic heritage and awareness of local and global human diversity issues. The office also supports students and student organizations from ethnically, culturally, and racially diverse backgrounds. It actively reaches out to support students in assessing and evaluating the individual’s experience at Elmhurst College to academic success, to provide a welcoming, inclusive and growth-oriented campus experience. 

The Office provides programs for all students that are educational, challenging, interactive and fun. Through these efforts, the goals are to champion the movement toward multicultural appreciation; to help facilitate the individual acquisition of the attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to function positively and successfully in an increasingly diverse global society; and to provide an inclusive, welcoming, supportive and life-changing campus experience. 


Office of Student Involvement 

A great opportunity exists for involvement, participation, and leadership at Elmhurst College. Students participate in a wide range of activities, organizations, and events, both on and off campus. The Office of Student Involvement supports Elmhurst College’s core values of the community; social responsibility; and faith, meaning, and purpose. To this end, the office provides leadership development and community engagement opportunities, along with a variety of resources, to the College community. Staff members work with student organizations, and individual students to support leadership and community involvement initiatives across campus and throughout the community.

There are many opportunities for students to develop and engage at Elmhurst. Whether inside the classroom or by attending a leadership workshop, students will delve into self-awareness, openness to others, respect, listening skills, and values, to name a few. Students can also contribute to society in meaningful ways through Elmhurst’s many service-based student organizations or by participating in educational programs surrounding local and national elections, social issues and community exploration in the Chicagoland area.

Shared governance is the concept that underlies decision making at Elmhurst College. Faculty, staff, and students have voting membership on College councils, committees, and commissions. The Student Government Association, composed of 23 students elected by the student body, serves as the major policy-recommending body to the President and Trustees on issues of student and campus co-curricular life.

The Elmhurst College Union Board (with its committees) is the primary student programming organization on campus. The Union Board is funded by the student activity fee, which entitles all students to participate in many activities.

Other student groups include special interest and activity groups, national social fraternities and sororities, social and service organizations, performing groups, media organizations, national recognition societies and honor societies.

For a complete and up-to-date student organization directory, visit www.elmhurst.edu/studentlife.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is home to student health services and counseling services.


Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Please call the Wellness Center at (630) 617-3565 for Summer and January Term hours.


Scheduled appointments are necessary. However, if you are unable to wait for an appointment due to the nature of your illness, injury or other health care need, you should come to the Wellness Center for immediate attention. If the Wellness Center is closed, you may receive care at the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital emergency department or one of its immediate care facilities in Elmhurst, Lombard or Addison.

Student health services include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of illness and injury
  • Routine physical examinations
  • General medical services: respiratory infections, intestinal upsets, urinary tract problems, headaches, sore throats
  • Routine lab work, immunity profiles, STD testing, and cholesterol screening
  • Vaccinations: measles, mumps, rubella (MMR); tetanus-diphtheria (Td); tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap); meningitis; hepatitis A; hepatitis B series; flu; and tuberculin skin testing (TB)
  • Travel health information and vaccines
  • Women’s Care Center: annual exam, pap smear, pregnancy testing, referral, birth control, emergency contraception (ECP), testing and treatment of infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), support for abuse, violence, sexual assault and referral services
  • Serenity room
  • Medical consultation and referrals
  • Self-care area

Fee Information

Visits to the Student Health Service are free of charge. There is a nominal fee for prescription medication, medical supplies and lab work. Students may pay by check, credit card or charge to their student account. Expenditures, however, for treatment outside the Student Health Service facility are the obligation of the student or the family.

Immunization Policy

All students (born after 1956) must complete the Student Health Record/Immunization Form prior to registration. Information and forms are available on the web (elmhurst.edu/wellness) or by stopping in or calling the Wellness Center. Failure to comply with state immunization requirements will prohibit registration.


All medical services are strictly confidential. No one can obtain any information from students’ medical records without their written permission.

Counseling Services

Students sometimes experience difficulties that can complicate and undermine success in their academic and personal lives. The Counseling Services staff which includes a psychiatric consultant provides a variety of services in a confidential setting to help students understand their problems and themselves, achieve more satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, and make more effective career and life choices.

These services include individual, couples and group counseling; psycho-educational programming; and a variety of self-help materials. There is a 30-session limit for individuals and couples, with a limit of 15 sessions per year. There are no session limits for groups. If needed, referrals to resources in the community can be facilitated.

The College Chaplaincy

The College Chaplaincy strives to build community and spiritual growth throughout the student body at Elmhurst. Deeply rooted in the United Church of Christ, the Chaplaincy serves students of all faiths - and of none. The Chaplaincy comprises nearly 20 professional co-chaplains representing a wide range of religious communities.

Through worship programs, public lectures, community service, and other activities, the Chaplaincy invites students to further their own religious and spiritual development while exploring other expressions of faith. The Chaplaincy also provides counseling and support in times of transition or crisis.

As part of the life of the student body, the Spiritual Life Council (SLC) is a group of students that meets weekly with the Chaplain to build a rich and vibrant religious and spiritual life on campus. The Chaplain also lives on campus, hosting many organization meetings and programs, including Spiritual Journeys and conversations on “This I believe.” Students are invited to many critical conversations on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, global realities and discernment of life goals.

Closely associated with the DuPage County community and the City of Chicago, the Chaplaincy works with the Council of Religious Leaders of Chicago to support a vibrant religious community within greater Chicago.

The Chaplaincy also enjoys strong partnerships with national and international religious organizations, including the Chicago-based Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC).

The Chaplaincy offers a variety of worship opportunities, from daily Muslim prayers to weekly Christian communion to Catholic masses. The College is closely connected to area congregations and houses of worship, which aids students in finding their spiritual home on campus and beyond.